Elements Boutique Nicaragua

Managua has never been the kind of capital city that attracts throngs of tourists and it probably never will be. With so many other nice places to go in Nicaragua, most travelers head out to nearby Granada, Ometepe Island, or San Juan del Sur. Or the more adventurous go up north to coffee country or maybe Leon and the beaches near there.

The way flights are timed to take off and land, however, you may want or need to spend a night in Managua regardless to avoid traveling at night upon arrival or getting up at an insanely early hour to make your way to the airport from a different location. We just posted a review of a hotel that’s more than a place you’d stay as an afterthought: Elements Hotel Boutique.

Here’s a video tour of the whole place:

I liked this hotel as soon as I walked in the door, checking out the carefully chosen designer furniture, interesting chandelier, and white logo reception desk that glowed from within. The staffers were friendly and helpful and they communicated well in English. The elevator took us up to a hallway where each room has a different name in Spanish that corresponds to elements (get it?) like wind, air, metal, or wood. There are only 18 rooms, thankfully, or this would have gotten tough after a while.

This means that each room is a little different and it’s obvious that some real care went into the design. The main common areas on the first floor are visually striking as well, from the restaurant and bar area attractively lighted to the nice swimming pool area next to a lawn. You can decide to put off your welcome drink until after you’ve settled in and get it poolside—a nice touch that helps you immediately relax.

Elements is in the “Zona Fresa” area of Managua where there are a lot of interesting restaurants and nice lounges. If you want to see what the rising upper-middle-class looks like here or see who is striking deals while socializing, just walk around the corner. There are a lot of international companies investing more and more resources in this now-stable country on the rise, so Managua is getting more interesting and cosmopolitan as a result.

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