Hotel Escondido

We usually wait until we post our review before putting up photos of a hotel or resort, but we just spent some time at Escondido, the latest opening from Grupo Habita, and it’s gorgeous enough for a sneak peek.

Situated on the coast of Oaxaca, you take a right out of the Puerto Escondido airport instead of left and drive about 30 minutes down the coast. Here’s what you find:

(If you can’t see the slideshow, you’re probably using an Apple mobile device, which limits what you can view on the web. Go here instead.)

Not all of the Habita Group hotels can be considered luxury, and in the case of Downtown Mexico there’s a luxe hotel and a hostel in the same building. But this one, opened at the end of last year, is attracting an upper-crust crowd of design-conscious Americans, wealthy Mexicans, and a few Europeans. A group that was there during my visit flew in on their own plane.

This is a real getaway spot, on it’s own stretch of sand with nothing around that stretches for miles and miles. You can still get Wi-Fi here, but you’ll definitely feel like you truly got away from it all. The bilingual service is excellent, the seafood is fresh, and there’s a long cocktail menu for what to sip beside the 50-meter pool.

We’ll be posting much more later, but for now get details and make a booking at the Hotel Escondido website.