luxury Belize real estate

We’re constantly bopping around checking out luxury travel options in Latin America, but sometimes people like to do more than just pass through, so we frequently cover upscale real estate scenes too. Americans and Canadians often gravitate to places where they can get back to the homeland in one day if necessary, so Belize is high on the list. English is the official language, it’s relatively straightforward to get residency, and air connections are good.

Most of those expats head to Ambergris Caye, which we’ve covered in a previous real estate article, but this time we head to an “in the know” area that is less developed and still on the rise: Placencia.

Placencia townAsk anyone who knows Belize well where the best beaches are and this is probably the spot they’ll name. Sure, you can find some nice beaches on small islands offshore, but for anywhere near the mainland, Placencia is your spot. This is also an area where there was a pretty blank slate two decades ago. There was a tiny village at the end of the peninsula (still pretty tiny) and a lot of land heading inland from there. So developers could build what wealthy North American buyers were looking for without having to worry about disrupting what was already there.

This part of Central America is not where you come to find very early stage bargains or desperation sales after a dip. Instead it’s a region on the rise, with prices settled at what the market will bear, but with a good chance of future appreciation. No drama, no burst bubble, just quality condos and houses with easy access to the Caribbean and one of the greatest coral reefs on Earth.

Our writer John Lamkin, who lives up the coast on Lake Bacalar, spent some time with two local agents and got a good overview of what’s on offer. Check out his article for examples of condos on established resort properties, new marina condo developments, and single family mansions. There’s also plenty of information on why Belize is an excellent place to invest and live, from retiree incentives to stability in government.

As always, try the place on for size before making a major investment and get a good feel for the market. If you’re a diver, fisherman, or water lover with a boat, however, you might find it hard to leave once you land in Placencia.

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