Eolo Patagonia

If you want to get away from it all, for real, here’s what you do. Head down to the Southern Cone, flying to the town of Calafate. Proceed out of there into the countryside and head to the property of Eolo. This luxury boutique hotel sits on 3,000 hectares of its own property, which is 7,418 acres. Walk out the door after checking in and go any direction. Since this is on a wind-swept plain with no tall trees, you’re not going to get lost.

Patagonia is known for having a few “middle of nowhere” luxury lodges in both Chile and Argentina, with the number of options increasing each year. Eolo was flying below the radar before hooking up with Relais & Chateaux, but now the word is getting out about this stylish, high-service boutique hotel that’s in sight of Torres del Paine rising up in the distance.

If a silence more profound than anything you may have experienced in your life sounds inviting, or if your idea of a good time is trotting on horseback across expansive plains while pink flamingos relax in nearby lagoons, you will find Eolo to be a paradise that is well worth the relatively high room rate.

Those rates run $950 to $1,470 per night, but that’s inclusive of meals and most activities . You are, after all, not going to find somewhere else to dine or book an excursion down the block somewhere. Once you pull into here, you’re not going anywhere until you check out.

You won’t be lacking in things to do, however, and the concierge will plan out activities according to what sounds most interesting. You can hike, go birdwatching, go mountain biking, or go kayaking with a bilingual guide who knows the region well. Or you can take off on your own and find the perfect spot for a romantic picnic. Of course you can curl up by a fireplace and have a glass of Malbec when the mood strikes, or maybe just take in the views from the comfort of your plush room.

Eolo Relais and Chateaux

Meals are something to look forward to as well, even if you haven’t built up an appetite. The menu features lots of regional specialties, made easier by the fact that this resort is only open during the six months it is relatively warm in this part of the world. Typically that’s October through April.

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