Vina Vik hotel review

What’s the best wine lodge in Chile? Strangely, that has been a tough question to answer ever since Luxury Latin America debuted in 2007. While neighboring Argentina kept adding more and more spectacular places to stay while touring the vineyards and sipping good wine, in Chile the best option up to now only had four rooms.

That has changed with the long-anticipated opening of Viña Vik, operated by the same big dreams owner—Alexander Vik—as several luxury resorts in Uruguay. He actually started a winery on this 11,000 acre plot of land in the Millahue Valley after extensive soil testing in all the best wine regions to find the perfect spot. His aim was no smaller than creating the best bottles of wine from south America. Period.

I’ll leave it to the wine critics to decide whether he has succeeded in that goal, but there’s no denying that this tops any other wine country hotel in Chile by several laps and is instantly one of the best leisure hotels in the country. Period.

No expense was spared in the building and design of Viña Vik, from the titanium roof to the 20 individual rooms with custom artwork and furniture. The result is nothing close to timid.

There’s the patriotic Chile room with its cactus wood furniture and adobe bathroom; the modern Redondo room where bedside tables take the form of women down on hands–and–knees; and the historic Louis Louis with its Napoleonic paintings of destruction–ravaged Europe in winter.

And it gets stranger, so pick your room carefully if, for example, a “large portrait of a transsexual homeless woman pushing a trolley full of junk” is not the last thing you want to see before retiring for the night. You might prefer instead the Vickey Money room, “in which every square inch of the bathroom is covered with bright, shiny Euro cent coins.” Here are some examples of the varied styles, photographed by our reviewer (and Chile resident) Gabriel O’Rorke:

This property is an easy jaunt from the capital of Santiago, just two and a half hours by car or 40 minutes by helicopter. Once you settle in, you’re probably not going anywhere as the rates start at $800 per night, per person, including meals. You could hike the hills or tour the stunning winery, pictured below.

Chilean winery

Otherwise, this is a place to kick back and feast on the visual beauty, inside and out.

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