Cabo San Lucas

As we noted back in September, most of the luxury hotels in the Los Cabos area of Mexico got walloped hard by Hurricane Odile and most had to shut down for extensive repairs and rebuilding. At this point more are open than not, so if you’re dreaming of a warm and sunny getaway, you can probably find a good deal. This is a prime time for whale-watching too.

Marquis Los Cabos is scheduled to open back up this weekend. I spent some time there back when it was an independent resort, before it became a part of the Secrets chain. Nothing is forever in the hotel world and the Marquis is back to running its own show again. Hopefully it’s back to looking like this again after the fix-up work.

A similar switch has happened at what was Capella Pedregal, now renamed The Resort at Pedregal. It is back open again.

Two of the region’s finest luxury hotels have been shut down for six months now, but are supposed to be back open in March. Those would be the famous One&Only Palmilla and the dramatic Esperanza Resort perched on top of a hill above the ocean. (The latter, pictured below in calmer times, was supposed to open last autumn—wishful thinking at the time.)

Esperanza Cabo

If you had your heart set on Cabo Azul, you’ll be waiting a while. Right now it’s scheduled to reopen in June.

And it gets worse. Still listed as “to be determined” are the Hilton Los Cabos and Las Ventanas. The second had what most consider the best spa in the area, so you’ll have to get your rubs and scrubs somewhere else for the time being.

Things are getting back to normal otherwise though and I’m sure the business owners would like to see planeloads of sun-deprived northerners heading their way. This is a desert region that doesn’t have a lot else to depend on economically besides tourism, so this hurricane’s aftermath has been a serious blow.

I’ll be in the area a bit next month before going on an adventure tour, so I’ll have an update then with eyes on the ground. Meanwhile, check rates at the places that are fully functioning again here:

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