Placencia beach

When I think back on the time I traveled through Belize with my family, the most vivid memory is a simple one: sitting on the beach under a palm tree drinking a Belikin beer.

This does not sound like a very unusual memory, but in Belize it’s not as common as you’d think. There are a hundred great diving and snorkeling spots, but not so many white-sand beaches great for lounging and swimming. You can stay on a private island and get that, and a few places here and there have either been blessed with a sandy cove or they’ve carted in sand to create one. All three Placencia resorts we’ve reviewed though are sitting on a nice beach—the kind you seen on postcards and in your envy-producing friends’ vacation posts.

Placencia town itself is really mellow and nice too, the kind of place where nothing moves very fast and you’re glad, where walkers and bicyclists outnumber cars. You can eat well here though, with good restaurants serving simple seafood or colorful upscale dishes plated with flair.

Perhaps the best reason to put it into your plans though is the central location in the middle of the country. From this peninsula you can head out into the water to the reef or go inland to Mayan ruins and jungle adventures.

luxury belize vacation

Our long-time partner Chabil Mar has been networking hard with other resorts in the country to work out terrific package deals showing off multiple locations. Their Movable Feast Package for honeymooners is especially attractive. It spends three nights at the Lodge at Chaa Creek, which often wins votes as the best jungle lodge in Belize. You go canoeing, hiking, horseback riding, and more, getting loose after all that with a couples’ massage.

Then you move on to Chabil Mar, where you’ll have some quality beach time in between an adventure excursion inland and kayaking time on the water. A massage by the beach and a romantic private dinner are in the mix.

Then you head out to Hatchet Caye in a boat and chill out on a private island, snorkeling or diving with the sea creatures on the terrific coral reef system of Belize. Hey, you don’t have to be on a honeymoon of course—this 8-night vacation would be a fun and romantic trip for any couple.

If fishing is more your thing though, there’s another combo package between Chabil Mar and Turneffe Flats, an island resort on the Turneffe Atoll. You spend four nights and one place and three at the other—which one gets the extra night is up to you. See more details here: Belize Fishing package.

It’s about to get easier to get to Belize from the USA too: Southwest is going to start flying there from Houston and American is going to start adding flights from LAX. Check rates from your airport here: