Boutique hotel Nicaragua

For a long time there hasn’t been a whole lot to pick from for luxury hotel options in Granada, Nicaragua. The top ones there are good, but there just aren’t many of them. They’re also lovely colonial buildings, full of history, which may not be to everyone’s taste.

Now there are two very small, but very upscale design hotels open in Granada that are hip and contemporary, like something from an urban architecture magazine rather than the history books. As you might expect, they’re both owned by expatriates: a Scandinavian and a New Yorker.

Hotel Los Patios impressed me when I visited it for ten minutes the last time I was in the city, but I didn’t have enough time to really evaluate it and it was at night, which made getting good photos tough. One of our writers over at sister site Hotel Scoop was in the city recently though and she got to spend more time there. The project of a Danish transplant who brought his country’s strong aesthetic sense with him, this is a clean-lined, modern five-room hotel with lots of open spaces and places to lounge. Just because it’s small doesn’t mean it’s not well-equipped though. Rooms here have some one the longest amenity lists in Granada:

All guest rooms are furnished in a minimalist Scandinavian style with brightly colored coverlets and pillows on the beds, tile floors, and local art pieces. The high ceilings, made from local cane, give the rooms a light and open feel. The modern bathrooms are generously sized, with European fixtures, walk–in showers, and concrete–topped vanities with plenty of storage space. Complimentary Wi–Fi, which works well, is accessible throughout the property; guest rooms also have flat-screen TVs, safes, ceiling fans, and air–conditioning units.

With only 10 guests at full occupancy, you won’t find a whole lot of services on site. That’s okay though in a city like this, where you can walk out the door and find everything you need in five or ten minutes. See our full review of Hotel Los Patios in Nicaragua.

Tribal Hotel

Tribal Hotel has a whole different feel, but is also clearly owned by someone who knows what he’s doing. There’s a skilled hand and good eye behind every aspect of this stylish seven-room hotel.

Manhattan restaurateur Jean-Marc Houmard (best known for his buzzy Indochine and ACME eateries) and his business partner Yvan Cussigh opened the Tribal Hotel in 2014, and they’re already attracting a diverse, international clientele. They’ve managed to mix stylish design with a laid–back feel that’s more like a fashionable summer home than a formal hotel.

Instead of several meandering courtyards like at Los Patios, here the main courtyard is the prime gathering space. It has cabana beds, tropical furniture, plants, and a small pool to provide a resort feel to the whole affair. Breakfast and drinks are served in a sitting area here, so unlike in many luxe hotels, there’s a natural mingling going on instead of isolation.

In the rooms, “the décor mixes elements from Granada’s colonial past with Moroccan design, New York swank, and eclectic art pieces that give the property a world–beat vibe. See our full review of Tribal Hotel.