Rio apartment rental luxury

We’ve written several times before about how Brazil is so inexplicably short on luxury hotel options. Despite a fairly robust tourism business, loads of business travelers, and a relatively wealthy population these days, finding a nice place to stay can be really tough. If you haven’t booked your hotel room yet for the Olympics, you’re probably out of luck. Fasano and Copacabana Palace have been booked up for that period since almost as far back as Rio was announced as the host city in 2016. Even if Barak Obama or Beyonce called to get a room, they’d hear, “I’m so sorry but…”

You can chalk most of this up to Brazil’s stifling bureaucracy, but Rio is also a city where there’s only so much prime land available for development. Put those two things together and it means everything is at a standstill and it can take a decade to build and open a new hotel, even when you’ve got the World Cup and Olympics both coming your way.

So our latest article is on how to avoid this scene altogether by booking an apartment instead. No, we’re not telling you to go it alone with AirBnB and take your chances. Instead this is a story about using an apartment rental company that also serves as a concierge service: Oasis Collections Experience.

They cater to higher-end, pickier foreign travelers who don’t share the Brazilians’ rather lax demands when it comes to luxury accommodations and service. Their apartments are serviced by staffers who function like arms-length butlers, making sure everything is right. They get you there with an Uber code, have someone on site to get you set up, and cater to any needs you have for getting a car, a chef, or a custom tour.

Rio Joatin villa

In the end you’ll probably pay less than you would at the top-end Rio hotels, which almost everyone complains are overpriced for what you get. Yet you’ll get more attentive and personalized service and some room to spread out, with a kitchen for when you don’t want to eat out. There are multiple locations in the prime part of the city, as well as others that are jaw-dropping beautiful on the coasts not far away.

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