Inkaterra Urubamba review

Some of the best luxury hotels in Peru are run by a local operation that’s both upscale and environmentally sensitive: Inkaterra. This award-winning small chain has just opened a new property in the Urubamba region of the Sacred Valley. We were one of the first media outlets to get a correspondent in to check it out.

The Inkaterra Hacienda Hotel on the way to Machu Picchu is still a work in progress. The free-standing casitas were not quite finished and the spa was still under construction when our writer stayed. But by the time you read this they might be done. If you’re seeing this from 2016 on, never mind!

We knew this would be a home run from the start though after staying in a rock star suite of theirs near Machu Picchu and experiencing their properties in Cusco and the Amazon jungle. Inkaterra has won a slew of “best hotel” awards, but also a whole long list of kudos for sustainability and positive economic impact.
Inkaterra Urubamba

The Sacred Valley addition is a world of its own, sitting on 100 acres overlooking a farming valley and village. The Andes Mountains peaks loom over it on the other side, creating dramatic vistas from every window. In the rooms, in the restaurant, or having a drink in the lobby, you get views like this.

From its mountainside promontory, Hacienda Urubamba offers the kind of gasp–inducing Andean vistas that have lured adventurous travelers to the Peruvian highlands for centuries. Nearly every window frames a sweeping view of mountain and valley while oversized leather sofas and chairs draped in Andean blankets keep gazing comfortable. And as you might imagine, the night sky is an absolute stunner.

There are 12 rooms and suites in the lodge itself, then upon completion there will be another 24 casitas. That still is a very intimate size for a hotel with this much land so you don’t have to go very far to find your own person peace and quiet. Staffers can arrange a variety of excursions, from tough hiking to horseback riding to cultural tours. You’ll eat and drink well here and will feel any lingering cares wash away.

For now the Sacred Valley is a stopover point more than a vacation spot, which is a shame considering how much there is to do and see nearby. Perhaps with another major player opening a luxury hotel in this area, more tourists will discover the joy of sticking around for a while in this gorgeous region.

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