luxury Costalegre hotel

An alamanda is a beautiful yellow flower that grows in the Costalegre Pacific Coast region of Jalisco. Las Alamandas the luxury resort follows its namesake, filling your eyes with beauty no matter which direction you look in from the lawns and wide beach around the villas holding 16 suites.

While Puerto Vallarta has the crowds and nightlife, this laid-back area more than two hours south of there is preferred for its very seclusion and exclusivity. How many beach resorts can you think of that have 16 keys, but 1,500 acres? How many have four great beaches that can only be reached via the resort itself of by boat? If you want a whole beach to yourself for the whole day or for a romantic dinner, just ask. The staffers—there’s nearly five of them for each guest—will make it happen, easily. Take a tour here:

As you would probably guess, a luxury resort like this is a favorite with people who don’t want to be photographed—as well as models who do—so Las Alamandas attracts more than its fair share of the types that grace magazine covers. It also attracts a lot of high-net-worth people who don’t want to be bothered as well as more normal vacationers who just want to spend a long romantic weekend with someone special. With rates going from the mid-$300s to the mid-$2000s, there’s an ample range of options.

Yes, it takes some effort to get here and this is not a place for workaholics to keep doing business non-stop: the only Wi-Fi signal is in the lounge and there’s a good chance your cell phone won’t have a signal. So you spend that time doing things you normally don’t do, like surf, or boogie board, or ride horses, or take a tour of the extensive property by ATV. You can visit the organic garden that grows much of what you eat while staying here or have a picnic by the river running through the property.

Las Alamandas beach

At the end of the day, sit on the terrace of your suite and take in the sunset with a cocktail in hand, listening to the waves crashing down on the beach. Have dinner by candlelight next to the ocean and then retire to a sumptuous bed in your bathrobe after hitting the shower for two or one of the big tubs or plunge pools.

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