Hotel Mousai infinity pool

Taking a cue from Vegas perhaps, the most exclusive hotel in Puerto Vallarta right now is a new entry that’s inside another more established hotel that’s been around for a while. Mousai is an enclave that’s a step above—both figuratively and in location, from the Garza Blanca Hotel on the waterfront in Banderas Bay, Mexico.

While many of the luxury hotels in the Puerto Vallarta region are actually in the state of Nayarit or to the south in Costalegre, in this decade a few notable new additions have gone up in the city boundaries and more are on the way. It’ll be tough for anyone to top the new Hotel Mousai though. It has 72 spacious rooms and suites booked on an all-inclusive package, but with guests having free reign at all the sister hotel’s facilities down the hill.

This adults-only property is meant to be decadent and pampering, but not in a classic buttoned-up style the genteel generation would desire. You work all the room controls from an iPad (though there is a butler on call to help out with that or get your shirts pressed for dinner.) The designers went for flash and pops of color over the safe and predictable in neutral tones.

Each room, with its purple rugs, light-up onyx mirror frames and slinky red lounge chairs, faces the Banderas Bay and the Pacific Ocean just beyond it. After a few moments of admiring the blue beyond you can begin to take in your surroundings: a personal Jacuzzi plunge pool, a king-size bed overflowing with pillows, a bridal-party size dressing area, and a decadent heated toilet seat.

Of course most 20-somethings aren’t yet in the earnings bracket to be staying here, so while the decor may be loud and brash, the scene at the infinity pool and roof top bar is more martinis and mellow than shots and shouting until the wee hours. There are plenty of excursions and activities as well, as well as an excellent spa, so you can do as much or as little as you would like.

Hotel Mousai bathroomThis hotel is near the Los Arcos rock formations on the way to Mismaloya, so the water is more gorgeous here and the property backs up to green jungle. It’s the kind of place you’ll want to get to and mostly stay put though as it’s a good distance down a two-lane road to get to Puerto Vallarta’s downtown. Also, while there’s a beach here, it’s not a long expanse of sand that’s ideal for strolling at sunset.

Garza Blanca has made its mark as an upscale hotel with great facilities and attentive service, even as it has expanded over the years. This newer and smaller Hotel Mousai tower is a way to step things up to a higher level of personal service and exclusivity while still offering a wide range of drinking, dining, and activities options.

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