Hacienda Buenavista luxury Colombia

The Coffee Triangle region of Colombia is one of the country’s most popular tourism areas, with gorgeous scenery. It’s the place where coffee lovers can taste some of the world’s best-known beans at the source. Pickings have been slim when it comes to luxury hotels, however, and up to now we’ve only had one featured in the whole area. Thankfully we’ve just posted a review of another—Hacienda Buenavista—and it’s probably safe to say this boutique hotels is the top choice despite only having four (soon to be five) rooms and suites.

The owners truly put the buena vista first and found the perfect property of 110 acres with stunning mountain views. The view is the focal point of the outdoor terrace with swimming pool as well as various spots around the grounds and inside.

Colombia mountain views coffee region

There’s a strong attention to detail throughout and a design sensibility that’s normally lacking outside of Bogota and Cartagena.

There is no lobby, just a series of elegant homey spaces including a living room with a fireplace and inviting sofas, a central roofless courtyard garden, and a cozy reading room. The small bar near the pool is complemented by very well-stocked glass, climate-controlled wine storage unit that was scrapped and re-done twice before the owners felt it was right.

The location is quiet and peaceful, thanks in part to the buffer of land and also in part due to the adults-only, no pets policy of the property. This is a place for adults to relax and let their stress melt away—or to get jacked up on caffeine and get some work done with the complimentary Wi-Fi. There is a wide range of excursions in this area, from hiking to bamboo rafting to ziplines and of course plenty of coffee farms to visit. Of course nobody will blame you if you just want to kick back by the infinity pool and watch the sun make its way across the mountains.

See our full review of Hacienda Buenavista Hotel, which is situated 20 kms away from Armenia, location of the main airport with international flights.