Solo Antarctica travel

Does solo travel to Antarctica seem like it will be difficult to pull off? Many people who want to take a “trip of a lifetime” have trouble finding someone else who is ready to take it with them. One person’s bucket list is another’s “no way” list, especially when you’re talking about something as extreme as cruising to Antarctica.

Sometimes the adventurous husband wants to go and the wife shakes her head and says, “too cold.” Or the reverse. If you ask friends who take trips together about the biggest arguments they’ve had, those are usually about where to go—before anyone has laid out any money.

white continent iceberg zodiacIt can be tough for solo travelers to just say, “Screw it, I’m going by myself then.” It’s not that they won’t have a great time, because they know they’ll meet plenty of others on the tour and make new friends. The real sticking point is having to pay more money than everyone else because of the dreaded single supplement. Just because they’re not paired up like the animals on the ark, they have to pay extra. Sometimes a lot extra for a high-end adventure tour or luxury cruise. Some companies penalize unattached travelers with a surcharge of 50 or 75 percent just to make up for the empty space in a double cabin.

Other companies are more welcoming, however, including ones taking those big bucket list adventures. Some of Quark Expeditions’ Ocean Endeavour cabins are priced for single occupancy and have no single supplement. Or, you can participate in a Request-Share program and share a cabin with another guest of the same gender so you’ll both have some company. Both guests will save the single supplement. If a cabin mate cannot be found for you, the single supplement is waived. It’s risk-free, plus you’re on your way to making a new friend!

Don’t be concerned about traveling to the Polar Regions alone. You won’t be the only one. It’s a growing trend and it’s now easier than ever. Expeditions like one on this ship will provide you with plenty of solitude if you’d like, while at other times you’ll have great companionship along the way.

Cruising Antarctica in Style

The Ocean Endeavour is unique in that it offers a special focus on health and wellness—the only polar adventure ship in Antarctica with that distinction.

Ocean Endeavor cruise

The ship can accommodate 199 guests in 13 different types and sizes of cabins, all equipped with electricity, radio, TV and washrooms. The on-board amenities include two restaurants, a lounge, a library, a gym, a wellness café, new saunas and spas, a Polar Boutique, a lecture theater, and a sundeck.

Healthy meals, yoga and stretching classes, and massage therapy are all available for guests. There’s very little you have to pay for after departure. All on-board meals are provided, as are complimentary hot beverages, transfers to and from the ship, and twice-daily shore excursions.

Check out Quark’s info video:

Adventure Options on the White Continent

Did you think that an Antarctica Cruise meant hanging out on a ship all day? No, you’ll have plenty of chances to get active an go exploring.

  • Kayaking – experience beautiful polar waters in places ships can’t reach.
  • Stand-up paddleboarding – take advantage of calm harbors and bays in this unique water experience.
  • Cross-country skiing – early explorers first encountered Antarctica in this way; now you can too.
  • Snowshoeing – no experience is necessary, and all equipment is provided for you.
  • Hiking – whether it’s a short walk or a long jaunt, you can stretch your legs and enjoy the vast landscapes.
  • Mountaineering – qualified guides help you experience the climb of a lifetime.

Antarctica penguins

Remember, just because you’re traveling Antarctica solo doesn’t mean you’re alone. You can take all of your meals with your fellow passengers and join them for drinks or excursion. Experienced and knowledgeable guides are also with you every step of the way, providing all of the equipment you’ll need to tackle these adventures. Just show up ready to learn and to have fun!

Check out the Quark Expeditions Ways to Save page for more information on this and other great polar travel deals.

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