Las Ventanas Los Cabos room

In late 2014, that gorgeous Las Ventanas al Paraiso suite you see above was a complete wreck. After hurricane Odile ripped through, nearly everything not made of concrete or porcelain needed to be replaced. The resort shut down for more than half a year while owners waited on insurance money and crews got to work cleaning, repainting, and replacing a long list of new items.

After spending some time there in December though, not only was it worth the wait, but Las Ventanas is now like a new resort but with the same terrific staff. You get the storied reputation and attention to detail as always, but everything physically feels sparkling new.

A high-end Rosewood resort like this was always impeccably maintained, of course, but one so popular seldom has the luxury of doing renovations while no guests are around. This time was different, so every foot of the place got some scrubbing and refreshment. All the “soft goods” throughout, like furniture and bedding, went in sometime in 2015. Take a tour and check it out!

The beauty you can see in front of you is certainly impressive at first sight, but it’s all the little details that add up to a delightful whole. The hand-painted murals and flourishes you find all over the property. There’s the original artwork that goes beyond being simply traditional or simply modern. There’s a carved wooden box here, a pretty key fob with a built-in electronic room door opener there. A personal note in your room to welcome you that’s next to not just any bottle of tequila, but a hand-painted Clase Azul one. Nothing is done lightly here when it comes to design, decorating, and orchestrating a great guest experience. Las Ventanas room amenity

The effect only works if you have a terrific staff, however, and the one here is perhaps the best resort staff you’ll find anywhere in North America. That sounds presumptuous, but take it from an editor who travels around a lot and meets a lot of luxury hotel managers: the name that comes up the most to the answer, “Where did you work before coming here?” is Las Ventanas. This is a training ground for future GMs not just in Mexico, but throughout the Americas.

Trainees go through a rigorous vetting process before being hired in the first place and then spend half a year in training before they start interacting with guests on their own. With one of the highest staff-to-guest ratios in this whole hemisphere, you’ll seldom be looking around for someone to assist you when you need something. Often they’ve anticipated what you needed before you even have to ask.

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