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In most of the tropics, there’s a dry season and a wet season and in some spots that “green season” can be long and soaking. Belize in the summer is a different story, however. If you go when it’s the normal summer break in the USA or Canada, that’s actually a time when crowds thin out a little but the weather is only slightly wetter except in the far south, around Punta Gorda.

The coastal regions see a less dramatic rise in rainfall and temperatures don’t vary as much. Unlike further up in the northern hemisphere, the hottest month of the year is not July or August—it’s May. Temperatures in the summer aren’t all that much higher than in the dry season of winter. It seldom tops 86F degrees during the day and peaks at a pleasant 78F at night.

Where to go in Belize? Ambergris Caye is the most popular spot, with some of the top resorts and easy access to the international airport. This area has the largest range of accommodation and water activities. The Cayo district is more popular for jungle lodges and nature tours. Follow the Hummingbird Highway or a short flight south, however, and you get to the spot with the best beaches on the mainland: Placencia. That’s where you’ll find Robert’s Grove, the Turtle Inn, and our partner Chabil Mar Resort.

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If you look at the rainfall patterns throughout the year, precipitation does pick up, but there is seldom an all-day soaking of rain. “Most of the rainfall happens at night,” says Larry France from Chabil Mar. “Plus you don’t get the kind of soakings that cause lots of river run-off, so visibility for diving and snorkeling is pretty consistent throughout the year.”

Lodging prices in Belize peak when its cold up north and both snowbirds and vacationers head to Belize to warm up and feel the sun. From May onward to December, rates go down across all areas, making this one of the few places a short flight away where a family can go during summer break and not pay a premium.

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