Hotel Busue review

We once had a review of Casa Vieja Hotel on our site, an intimate Mexico City boutique hotel decorated in traditional colonial Mexican style. It was fascinatingly out of place, being just down the block from outlets of Gucci, Bose, and Louis Vuitton in the slick Polanco neighborhood. Apparently the incongruity was a bit too much for some of the guests, so the place shut down for a while and opened back up as less colonial Hotel Busue.

It’s now more subdued, more stylish, and more calm these days, without the bright colors and folk art of its past. A few nods to the past remain though, like brick tile flooring in the lobby and an arched painted ceiling entrance. Overall though the soft lighting and muted colors make for a restful stay in a busy area. It’s Beau Sue, the nickname of Eugenio Sue, the 19th century French novelist. Besides inspiring the new hotel name, it’s also a quiet side street that’s not busy. Between the location and the double glazing, it’s a quiet spot for such a bustling city—one that just got the dubious distinction of having the world’s most traffic-choked streets. Here you’re close to plenty of great restaurants though and several parks filled with trees.

Busue Mexico City

There are just 11 rooms at Busue, a hotel that was founded by a Mexican TV personality with plenty of connections. It has long served those wanting personal service and discretion: there’s no sign on the front of the building. You just have to know the address.

For a small hotel, the sense of space is luxurious. The lobby feels intimate, but many rooms have enough empty floor space to hold a yoga class, and bathrooms are spacious. Most rooms face away from the street, so noise is not a problem. Street side rooms have double-glazed windows, but even without that, the traffic here is minimal at night. Details like an illuminated make-up mirror, L’Occitane bath products, and lots of closet space add to the sense of well-being.

If you want to go big, there are chain hotels nearby like JW Marriott and if you want the cool factor there’s Habita for the rooftop bar and Las Alcobas for the best in-room gadgets. For those who want privacy and personal service most, however, this newly revamped property in a quiet location is a delight.

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