Barber Blade One&Only

Any male interested in spa services at a resort could usually be forgiven for asking, “Hey what about us?”

I’ve seen spa menus that went on for 20 pages, then had three lines of offerings for men at the end. Granted, most of the customers booking hours of treatments at the typical spa are women, but that doesn’t mean the men wouldn’t go for some pampering themselves if the environment were right.

One and Only Palmilla in Los Cabos is doing its best to bring in some customers from the other side with its Barber and Blade experience that’s a a part of the huge, award-winning spa there. A few months back I got to sit in the barber’s chair and let the master do his work. I didn’t need a haircut (and frankly don’t have much to work with in that department), so I got a full-blown hot lather shave.

The way it works is, you’re offered a beverage to relax with, like a fine sipping tequila or a manly glass of red wine from Baja Norte perhaps. Then when you’re ready, you settle into a plush leather barber’s chair and get some hot towels on your face to prepare your skin. The menu for what comes next goes from a “gentleman’s ear and nose waxing” to a full-blown “ultimate groom, cut, shave, and nails” treatment. In between are shaves, pedicures, haircuts, beard shapings, and eyebrow trims.

Los Cabos spa for menFor my shave I leaned back and relaxed as a warm towel went over my eyes and the hot later covered my face with a brush. Then for what seemed like a long blissful hour my talented attendant meticulously shaved my face with a straight razor, old school, and I got the closest shave of my life. It’s been a while since my whole face was that baby’s bottom soft. That’s partly because after it was done and all the lather removed, some high-end soothing after-shave creme went on. I was glowing.

“I could get used to this,” I thought and I got nostalgic for the old days when real gentlemen would do this on a regular basis. Now everything is easy and convenient, but not nearly as satisfying.

This is a spa experience done right for men. It’s all leather and warmth, booze and bowties, not floral scents and new age music. It’s even got a macho name: Barber & Blade. You can then use the men’s side of the spa before or after, with a separate locker room equipped with grooming items. The One&Only spa looks bigger and better than ever, thanks to a major investment in rebuilding and expanding after a hurricane ripped through a couple years ago.

See all the Barber & Blade menu options here, which currently range from $35 to $350.

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