Belize Honeymoon

As the decades have gone on and American travelers have gotten less timid, the number of honeymoon destinations couples head off to has expanded exponentially. In the mid-1900s you drove somewhere as soon as the reception ended. Niagara Falls perhaps, the Poconos, a lake resort, or maybe Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Then the circle expanded a little to Caribbean Islands, Puerto Vallarta, or maybe even Italy.

Nearly the whole world is connected by flight routes now, however, and in inflation-adjusted terms some of these flights are cheaper than they have even been. There are still some advantages to going somewhere just a few hours away, however, even if you have been living together for two years already and are not going somewhere to spend 22 hours a day together in bed.

One of the most popular honeymoon destinations for Luxury Latin America readers is Belize. Our recent winner of our Belize Break getaway promotion, it turned out, was already going to be in Belize anyway–for her wedding. So after the ceremony in Ambergris Caye this weekend, she’s headed south to Placencia on Tropic Air to spend two nights each at Chabil Mar Villas and Hatchet Caye Resort for a Placencia Honeymoon.

Placencia beach

Located just below the Quintano Roo state of Mexico (that of Cancun/Riviera Maya fame), the small country of Belize has a lot of factors in its favor as a destination for post-wedding romance and relaxation.

1) Easy Belize flight connections from the USA and Canada for Your Honeymoon

United, Delta, American and Southwest all fly to Belize City from the U.S., with eight direct routes and connections available from other cities in the USA and Canada. It is also served by Copa Airlines, Avianca, and Tropic Air from several neighboring countries. Check the options from your city here:

You can then reach any of the domestic airports in an hour or less (usually much less) and there’s also a ferry service to Ambergris Caye.

2) An English Speaking Country in Latin America

You won’t have to worry about communication issues during booking or after arrival for your perfect Belize honeymoon. English is the official language.

3) Plenty to Do Besides Sit on a Beach

snorkeling in BelizeBelize has some picture-perfect beaches, especially in Placencia and on some of the private islands, but that’s just one element in the mix here. The world’s second-longest coral reef extends the whole length of the country and has some legendary scuba diving and snorkeling spots.

This is also one of the best places in the Americas for a real “surf and turf” vacation that combines the water with the land for a variety of interesting experiences. If you want adrenaline pumping adventure activities or jungle hikes you can find plenty, or you can go birdwatching, tubing, or exploring Mayan ruins. Then just an hour or two away you have all the usual water activities you’ll find in a Caribbean Sea escape.

4) Independent Resorts That Don’t Feel Corporate

There are thousands of boring chain hotels you could stay in where your room looks an awful lot like the rooms in the town you just flew away from. There are close to zero international chain hotels in Belize, however, and in many cases the owner is either on site or living nearby. Both the staffers and the profits are intertwined with the community and have a stake in seeing you enjoy yourself so you’ll recommend the place to others. They’ll make sure you don’t feel like a number during your week of bliss.

For more information see our luxury travel in Belize section and consider booking with our long-time partner Chabil Mar Villas, with all-suite accommodations. They’re right on the beach and are a short bike ride from the village center.

Text by Luxury Latin America and all opinions are our own. Photos courtesy of Chabil Mar.