Buzios Brazil Honeymoon

Honeymoon destinations have changed a lot over the years and now couples are branching out a lot more than they did a couple decades ago. Most of the tour companies we’ve spoken with over the years in marketing planning or in our interviews have seen a pickup in Honeymoon bookings. This is true all over Latin America, including Brazil.

Brazil honeymooners can find packages built just for them in famous Rio, or in less hectic romantic spots like Buzios. We’ve reviewed Casa Brancas, one of the properties SeeYouInBrazil likes to place couples in. Even in Rio there are packages with Santa Teresa that get you up on the mountains with a view instead of at sea level.

Often the rates you’ll get when booking with a local specialist will more than make up for you paying for their planning time and advice. Because they do business with these high-end properties regularly, they often have better rates in place than you can get yourself booking online. Or they can get you upgraded to a suite for the price of a regular room. Plus with local connections you can get a deeper experience. “I have some new tours in Buzios with local people that others do not have,” Mr. Brazil Luis says.

Brazil Eco and Adventure Tours

There’s been a major pick-up in demand for nature and adventure tours, however, as opposed to the old school honeymoons where couples just sat around on a beach (and holed up in their rooms) for a week. Some couples want a real bucket list trip, like a journey to the great Amazon River. Here’s a great professionally shot video with an intro about Brazil the country then a deep dive into travel in the Amazon region from Manaus.

A Brazil honeymoon Amazon package may have a base in a luxury resort inside the jungle such as the Anavilhana Jungle Lodge.  From there couples can go on a tour to Rio Negro to swim with the pink dolphins, visit an indigenous tribe, and see the city of Manaus. Anavilhana also has a well-equipped boat for touring the river region with privacy and comfort.

Brazil honeymoon jungle lodge

There are other options in this big country of course, from secluded long beaches like you find at Txai Resort in the Bahia region to the sparsely populated Fernando de Noronho Islands.

Check out more videos on the country or see an interview with Mister Brazil here on the Teaching Traveling Blog.