Atemporal Hotel Miraflores Lima Peru

Things are looking up in Peru’s capital and we’re happy to see another luxe boutique hotel open: Atemporal.

Lima, Peru has long been just a stopover for most visitors as they spend a night on the way in or out to other parts of Peru. As the culinary scene keeps getting hotter and the best neighborhoods keep getting more attractive, however, more travelers are giving the city a little more time.

Hotel Atemporal Lima art designThe success of Hotel B probably surprised a lot of people when it opened in Borranco. Up to that time, most of the hotels in the city were large ones geared to business travelers. Personal service for leisure travelers was rather hard to come by when no staffer had the time to recognize the tourists who just breezed through before heading for the airport.

There’s a crossover connection between that hotel and the new Atemporal when it comes to the design team—and that’s a good thing. This nine-room property in Miraflores tries to be another anti-chain hotel, focused on original art and a strong design aesthetic. It’s in a historic building and they have respected what builders did better in the past, but the furniture and artistic touches bring things into the present when it makes sense.

What is likely to make guests rave about this Lima boutique hotel and recommend it to their friends, however, is the attention that’s so often lacking in larger impersonal places to stay.

During your stay you’ll sense the personal presence of the MaĆ®tre de Maison who is there to greet you with a generous hospitality. After all, what truly stands out in Atemporal is the personalized service and the friendly staff who are happy to arrange a yoga class or a personal trainer session for you. Room rates are inclusive of Wi-Fi, a mobile phone hotspot with 4G connection throughout the city, bicycles, and a Mini Cooper with a chauffer to drive you to the nearby art galleries, shops, restaurants and close neighborhoods.

Naturally the rooms are gorgeous and well-equipped, there’s a memorable breakfast, and you can mix what you’d like at the end of the day in the honor bar. It will never be a “see and be seen” kind of place, but you’re likely to meet some creative and interesting fellow travelers.

Now if only they could do something about the almost constant overcast weather in this city by the sea…

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