Thatch Care Resort review Belize

If you want a romantic overwater bungalow vacation but don’t want to spend 16 hours in a plane to do it, we’ve got the answer: Thatch Caye Resort on a small private island in Belize.

You can get to Belize without much effort from much of the USA and Canada, then you just hop a short prop flight on Maya Island Air to get to Dangriga. On a clear day you can see the speck of Thatch Caye in the distance. You’ll reach it on a boat in 20 minutes and be greeted with a welcome drink. (A shot of coconut rum or not? Up to you…)

kayak at sunset near Thatch Caye Belize resortIt won’t take long for your cares to start  melting away as you get onto island time. Soon your biggest decisions are what kind of cocktail to order and whether to take out a paddleboard or a kayak on the water.

Overwater villas and bungalows have panoramic views from their deck and the sky lights up with colors at sunrise. There are also raised island cabanas on firmer ground with a bit more space inside and those have a roof deck with a hammock instead. All are air conditioned if it gets too toasty, but when the sea breezes are blowing through you probably won’t need it.

You eat your hearty meals at a long outdoor table (unless it’s raining) with other guests, so you get to know your island mates quickly. You’ll soon be bellying up to the Starfish bar perched over the “natural saltwater swimming pool” at happy hour and then viewing the sunset from the hanging hammock chairs.

Most guests go for the all-inclusive plan so they don’t have to worry about the prices of what they’re ordering. It’s not like you’re going to walk down the beach and eat somewhere else. You’re intentionally stranded on an island! Let the staffers worry about keeping you fed and stocked with Belikans.

There are plenty of smiling staffers around and they’re not worn out from commuting: they do shifts of living on the island for a period, then are off for a period in their home town. The couple that manages the place lives on the island full time, so there’s always someone around to take care of your needs.

What do you do for fun after you get tired of lying in a hammock? Well if you do get tired of that, there are boat excursions going out every day. I went snorkeling off the barrier reef and saw a kaleidoscope of colorful tropical fish. You can also go fishing with an experienced captain through Blue Horizon or join the guys from your boat and try to spear some lobsters for dinner. There’s also a scuba diving center on site. For more mellow pursuits the lounge has board games, DVDs, books, and cornhole to play outside.

See our detailed review of Thatch Caye Belize private island resort and head straight to the company website to book your honeymoon or vacation.