Nomads of the Seas Zodiac in Chile's Patagonia

There is definitely something singular about Chile’s Patagonia and the fjord system that you will find nudged up against the bottom half of the country. Extreme weather, breathtaking landscapes and all kinds of natural wonders await travelers who make the long trek to Southern Chile.

Luxury Latin America has waxed poetic in the past about the beauty of this area. Our contributor Jimmy Langman wrote a bit ago about eco-touring through the area’s Pumalin Park  —  developed and preserved by U.S. conversationalist and entrepreneur Douglas Tompkins — as a way to take in some of the outstanding on-land beauty of this area. Recently Cathy Brown, another LLA contributor, took the region by sea on a Nomads of the Seas luxury yacht. She got a whole new perspective on Chile’s stunning coastline.

Nomads of the Seas offer two tracks for visitors, one is an itinerary built around wildlife treks and “soft” adventure Natural hot springs in the Chilean fjordsand the other focuses on fishing, since the catch in these parts is just so consistent and beautiful. The wildlife program of activities includes whale watching, hiking, rafting, boating, snorkeling and more. There are endemic species to observe — seals, penguins, dolphins — as well as natural landscapes ripe for photos. The fishing track includes, as you can imagine, lots of fishing ventures. Each activity is led by experienced and specially trained guides.  Many of them are marine biologists that can provide background and scientific insight for what the group will see and experience.

All this and you are living large on a luxury yacht with hot tubs, free wine tastings, an open bar, and according to our contributor, incredible food. The trips aren’t cheap, starting at 9,850usd and up, but the experience combines eight days of a high-end hotel with delicious food and unforgettable adventures. For the luxury adventure traveler who wants a hassle-free way to explore this part of the world it’s an easy choice. (And as Chile’s tourism industry continues to grow we think there are plenty of folks who want to go!)

Plus, Nomads of the Seas is particularly adept at getting to hard-to-reach places along the fjords. Their helicopter, six jet-boats and a Hurricane 920 RIB zodiac make it so that you can be hiking or fishing in places that not many people have ever been before. This is an exclusive experience that you won’t soon forget.

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