Finca Rosa Blanca Costa Rica Heredia

You can see the lights of Costa Rica’s capital, San Jose, sparkling in the distance from the restaurant at Finca Rosa Blanca Hotel. That’s the reminder that the urban noise and bustle is not far away. In this serene getaway, however, you’re surrounded by forests and coffee plants. The prime inhabitants are birds and butterflies.

Finca Rosa Blanca has just 15 units on site—13 rooms and 2 villas—but sits on more than 40 acres of property. The photo from the hotel you see at the top gives you an idea of the landscape there. If you’re looking for a weekend escape from the biggest city in Costa Rica or want a mellow place to stay before a flight out, this is a prime upscale choice.

The owners’ family has been running this place since the 1980s, so they’ve had plenty of time to figure out how to make their guests happy. They don’t do it at the expense of the local environment, however. This is one of the most sustainable resorts around in a country that already has a much higher measuring bar for that than the rest of the Americas. That commitment is clear immediately with the bamboo straw in your welcome drink and the rechargeable golf cart taking you and your luggage to the room. There’s a lot more going on behind the scenes.

Its initiatives include solar-heated water, composting organic waste for the gardens, hiring local residents, using pulp from the coffee plantation as fertilizer, and using water harvested from banana trees to irrigate the plantation. The gentle, tropical scented lotions and soaps in the bathrooms are all locally made and organic.

This seriousness about the environment is offset by whimsy when it comes to the decoration and artwork. There’s plenty of personality on display, along with memories from travels around the world by the family running the place. Artistic hotel lobby with painted fireplace at Finca Rosa Blanca luxury hotel in Costa Rica

Rooms have gotten more luxurious though as the years have gone by and additions went up. The top choice is the three-level Master Suite. “Its circular roof-top terrace surrounds the bedroom, providing an unimpeded view of the countryside. The suite’s fanciful bathroom has colorful murals on the wall and a deep soaker tub that gets filled by what looks like a natural stream trickling down the wall.”

In a country just starting to take its food seriously, the restaurant here is a clear cut above the norm. Since you’re a short stroll from a coffee farm, you’ll have something good to drink in the morning and you can join an educational cupping session.

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