private luxury yacht tour charter in Belize

Some destinations seem tailor made for a private yacht tour where you sail around warm waters with your own crew. Belize is definitely one of those, with a stretch of the world’s second-longest coral reef and lots of islands to explore scattered off the coast from north to south.

In terms of logistics, you can’t ask for a much better situation if you want to sail in style. The main airport of Belize City is a short hop from a Cucumber Marina, where you can sail straight out to sea. The other option is to leave from Placencia, where you can spend a few days on land and visit jungles or Mayan ruins a bit inland—or just sit on a beach and then return to a bed that’s not moving.

You may be sleeping and lounging on a boat when you’re not on an island, but the stable catamarans operated by Belize Sailing Vacations won’t leave you feeling cramped on this yacht tour. Here’s how our writer Erin described the experience.

I spent my week aboard Doris, a newer 50-foot Lagoon 500 catamaran. She has three nearly identical cabins available for charter guests, while the fourth cabin is reserved for crew. Each stateroom is spacious and sleeps two adults comfortably, has air conditioning, and its own en-suite bathroom. While you won’t need to be in it, the galley is open and features all the necessities you’ll need for a week or more on board. There is ample seating for four to six adults inside, and the outdoor table holds six to eight comfortably.

The yacht tour crew is there to navigate, clean up, and otherwise take care of your needs. They’ll be cooking all your meals for you, from a breakfast spread each morning to a dinner that might include fresh fish or lobster pulled in that day. You won’t find fresher ceviche anywhere. Fresh Ceviche on a private luxury yacht charter exploring the islands of Belize.

There is an itinerary, but it’s a loose one. This is not the Galapagos, where you have a strict schedule dictated by a conservation board. You can zig-zag between your own private islands for the day, snorkeling reefs, and port tows with a little civilization in terms of restaurants and bars. The longer your itinerary, the more variety you can experience. At one point in the year, the companies actually sail down to the Rio Dulce in Guatemala, then back again after the storm season has passed.

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