South America total solar eclipse dates 2019 and 2020

If you were in the path of the last total solar eclipse that moved through the USA, you got quite a treat. If you were out of the direct path, however, you probably saw a whole lot of nothing.

You’ll still have other chances for a complete solar eclipse in your lifetime though, as soon as 2019 and 2020 if you’re in the right locations.

You will have to get down to South America, however, since the next two eclipses are in the southern hemisphere. They’ll just be in a small part of the continent too—in Chile and Argentina.

Total Solar Eclipse Date One: July 2, 2019

The July 2019 total eclipse of the sun will take place in the late afternoon, with the band going across Chile and Argentina. It will not hit any urban areas, but will be an easy drive north of Santiago in Chile or an easy drive south of Cordoba, Rosario, or Buenos Aires in Argentina.

total solar eclipse 2019 Chile Argentina

The closest spots to the heart of the viewing band, however, will be La Sirena in Chile or the towns of San Juan or Rio Cuarto in Argentina. The San Juan Province is just 90 miles north of Mendoza, so this presents a great opportunity to combine a wine region tour with a rare total solar eclipse viewing. Perhaps afterwards head north to the Salta Province.

Going by what happened during the last one though, eclipse chasers are probably already starting to book hotel rooms and apartment rentals. Plus you will have to take care of all the other arrangements along the way, so it can save a lot of time and hassle to connect with an expert running custom travel tours around the eclipse. A company like Lost World Adventures has the right lodging and local tour operator connections to make sure you get a booking and that everything goes smoothly during your bucket list experience.

Total Eclipse of the Sun Date Two: December 14, 2020

Sure, it’s it’s a while off, but you can bet the “Umbraphiles” are already on the case for this 2020 eclipse, reserving their spots in the shadows. For the December 2020 event it’s going to be even more crucial to make arrangements in advance since the viewing band is going through a low population zone of gauchos and farmhouses on the northern edge of Patagonia. How do you feel about camping?

total solar eclipse 2020 South America

There are some great lodges close to the 2020 eclipse path in Chile, in Pucon and Villarica—like andBeyond Vira Vira. In Argentina, however, the best bet would probably be to drive north from Bariloche region or, closer, from San Martin de los Andes. Otherwise you could road trip it to a remote area with few others around, but you might need to pack a tent and bring plenty of supplies. If that doesn’t sound like an ideal arrangement, let someone else take care of the details, a company that knows the region well.

After all, if you’re coming all this way to view a phenomenon that’s going to last two minutes or less, shouldn’t you combine it with an epic tour of Patagonia, wine regions, the Atacama Desert, or the capital cities? Get in touch with Lost World Adventures to set up your ideal luxury travel tour of the Southern Cone of South America.

If you do make it, be sure to bring good eclipse viewing glasses so you don’t damage your eyes.

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