Explora Valley Sagrado family adventure excursion

What if, by booking a certain hotel, you could have all of your adventure excursions taken care of in the land of the Incas, including a visit to Machu Picchu? What if you didn’t have to book a custom tour to do everything you want and you knew up front what all your expenses were going to be for transportation, meals, and drinks?

walking in the Andes Mountains with explora excrusions

If you stay with Explora in the Sacred Valley of Peru, you get an all-inclusive experience, but it’s not the kind you get at some vacation factory beach resort. At Explora Valle Sagrado, they’re going to provide you with a comprehensive experience that includes daily adventure excursions as well. You can explore Moray, go hiking around Pisac, or ride mountain bikes through the Andes Mountains. You choose the daily fun that suits you best, going out with an experienced guide.

As we mentioned in this post on the rules for Machu Picchu, it’s getting stricter and more complicated to visit the most famous site in South America, so you’ll probably want some help there too. You can book an organized Peru tour from home to accomplish this, or just stay at this lodge and sign up for their optional Machu Picchu visit. You’ll take the train in, visit the ruins with your guide, and return back to your own room that night. No luggage to move, no unpacking and packing a day later. And hey, the celebratory pisco sours are included in your rate.

Explora’s Menu of Sacred Valley Adventure Excursions

When you stay at this upscale adventure lodge, you get great food and quality drinks from the bar, plus a very nice room to lay your head down in at night. But that’s just the start of it. You also have more than 20 excursions to pick from on a rotating menu. Here’s an excerpt from that page to give you a taste:

In the Urubamba River valley we explore Pisac, Ollantaytambo, and Moray, among other archaeological sites; in the plateau, we go to the Huaypo lake, we travel around local trails between lagoons, farm communities, and cornfields; we also visit mountain peaks, an area not well known by tourists.

Most tourists zip through the Sacred Valley and just tick the main sites off their list. If you hang around a while and go deeper, you’ll be in beautiful parts of the mountains where you have the place to yourself. You’ll see villagers in traditional garb who aren’t dressing up for photos: this is how they live. It’s a more authentic experience away from the well-worn trail between Cusco and Aguas Calientes.

Sacred Valley biking excursion from explora Peru

You choose the activities that will get you excited instead of having to go with the flow of the crowd like you would on a big group tour. No more than eight people are on each excursion, so it’s a small and intimate group instead of a big busload.

Since everything is priced on an all-inclusive basis, you don’t have to choose one excursion over another because of a rate difference. That goes for what you eat and drink as well. A whole series of decisions gets eliminated from your vacation so there’s less to stress out about. You can relax in the lodge and get your heart pumping (if you want) when you get outside. Explora is also one of the most enlighted, eco-friendly companies you’ll ever experience, so you can be sure they’re taking care of the people and the environment when you book with them as well.

See our detailed review of Explora Valle Sagrado or visit the official website for more information on this lodge, as well as the ones in Chile. Rates at this Sacred Valley adventure lodge are $2,958 to $4,620 per person double for a recommended 5-night stay, with lower rates for kids. The only activity requiring an additional fee is the all-day visit to Machu Picchu, due to entrance fees, train ride, and shuttle bus up the mountain.