Naia Resort and Spa in Placencia, Belize

While most Belize resorts are focused on adventures above and below the water, the new luxury Naïa hotel in Placencia follows a more traditional path of relaxation and pampering.

It has been quite a while since the glossy travel and fashion magazines gushed over a new resort in Belize. There are almost zero international chains here that can be hit up for six-figure ad deals. Until now, the spas these magazines love to cover didn’t really exist. Belize visitors are a fragmented, adventurous bunch—and they don’t tend to wear Swiss watches or lots of fancy perfume on vacation.

The remaining luxury travel mags that are still around have all chimed in on Naïa though. Placencia was already becoming a trendy destination to cover and this spa resort hit all the right buttons at the right time.

Our correspondent Erin, who actually lives in Belize, says it just might live up to the hype though.

Naïa’s owner and developer, Stewart Krohn, is a well-known name in Belize. With a lengthy background in television and journalism, he’s credited with developing the first television studio in the country. His passion for Belize and deep understanding of the local tourism market worked to his advantage as he’s developed one of the most unique resorts in the country. Every detail is carefully thought out and Belizean culture is represented at every turn, both in the rooms and the resort itself.

She says the 1981 Restaurant (named after the year of independence) has one of the best dinner menus in the country. Just reading some of the food descriptions in our full Naia review will probably have you salivating—and that’s certainly not a given in many Central American resorts. Naia Belize luxury resort and spa room in Placencia, all on the country's best beach.

Naia has 19 acres to itself, which is already ample, but the whole housing complex it is a part of is 200 acres. It has 35 beachfront cottages along a mile of the best stretch of beach in Belize. You can expect spacious quarters and some of the best amenities in the country, including fast WiFi, a giant soaking tub, outdoor shower, kitchenette, and furnished veranda.

There are more than a few luxury hotels in Placencia these days, some of them a lot closer to the action, so what really sets this one apart is the expansive full spa.

You’ll feel like you’re going on an exploration on the lush trail to the free-standing spa area, which has lots of buffer space for privacy, including ponds with lily pads. Fountains and water attractions create a calming nature mood, plus there are regular yoga classes and the Reflections cafe. The extensive spa menu includes treatments that utilize Belizean traditions and ingredients. You can choose single or couples’ treatments and a selection of signature spa experiences that were designed with input from local Belizean healers.

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