Nena luxury boutique hotel in San Miguel de Allende

It’s getting hard to keep up with new boutique hotel openings in San Miguel de Allende, so we’ve been checking in on ones that make the cut for picky luxury travelers from abroad. Our latest review is Hotel Nena, on the same street as the sprawling Rosewood but in a much more intimate space.

Guest room bed in boutique Hotel Nena in central MexicoBack in the 00’s, when I first visited San Miguel de Allende, there was one great hotel and a few nice boutique hotels scattered around. Most of the visitors seemed to be relatives of all the gringos living there and it was hard to hear much Spanish spoken in the main central plaza.

Move forward more than a decade and it’s a different story in San Miguel. Things really started to turn around when Hotel Matilda and the Rosewood opened, the place finally getting on the map for Mexicans. It soon became a favored wedding spot for families from Mexico City. Then the place showed up atop a glossy travel magazine readers’ poll as “The Best City in the World.” Tourism exploded about when the local expat housing market was taking off again and now this is one of the hottest travel destinations in Mexico.

Hotel Nena is one of many well-designed small hotels benefiting from the higher profile of San Miguel de Allende. Taking advantage of historic architecture and design, but adding modern elements and colors, Hotel Nena is the kind of place where hip 30-somethings will love the decor but Abuela will still feel welcome. The place feels like Mexico, but not Mexico from the 1500s.

The centerpiece and social area of Hotel Nena is the large courtyard, which is bigger than it looks from the doorway. It’s a popular wedding and reception spot, but otherwise it’s an inviting open area. There is a front patio with outdoor bar under the shade of a giant mesquite tree. An upstairs rooftop bar is where guests end up spending more free time. It has a stunning sunset view of San Miguel’s parroquia and the city’s multi-colored rooftops.

Pool patio with a view at Hotel Nena San Miguel

There are just six rooms here, five on the first level and one on the second level with its own terrace. One has a kitchen, one has a private terrace space, and one has a steam shower. All are well-stocked with expected amenities like fast WiFi, safes, and bathrobes. All have quality bedding and ample space.

In a city with a very competitive dining scene, Nextia stands above most of them and has been recognized as one of the top spots in town. Even for those staying elsewhere, it’s worth making a reservation here—especially if you’re staying at the Rosewood right across the street.

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