Isla Suasi Hotel Lake Titicaca Peru

Lake Titicaca is a special place, the highest big lake you can navigate in the world, shared by Bolivia and Peru, with an interesting native culture on floating island made from reeds. The best way to experience it in all its majesty is at the one private island resort: Isla Suasi Hotel.

This upscale property on a Lake Titicaca island has grown steadily over the years after the owner started out with just one room for rent 20 years ago. Isla Suasi now has 23 rooms and a two-bedroom cottage right on the lake. Some of the rooms have wood-burning stoves. Pick one of those if the nights are going to get cool. In this remote location, you are off the grid: power comes from solar panels and the batteries that energy is stored in for the night.

Isla Suasi in Peru made of stone and wood

The structures make use of local materials, with lots of stone and wood in the public areas and the rooms. Upper-floor rooms have a great view from the balcony, but you can also get a panoramic view just from walking around the grounds or by exploring the island on foot.

The small, rocky, undulating island is home to a herd of llamas and alpacas and a wide range of birds including mountain caracaras, hummingbirds, Andean gulls, the endangered Titicaca greeb, plus plenty of colorful songbirds. A few trails have been established and hiking is a pleasant activity. Take on the short (roughly 30-minute), sloping trail to the island’s highest point at sunset for spectacular views. Walking sticks and ponchos are provided.

Quinoa dish at Isla Suasi Hotel on a private island in Lake Titicaca, Peru

You can also get out on the water by using one of the canoes or kayaks, plus the boat transportation from the mainland includes two cultural stops on the way. You might find, however, that this is just a great place to kick back with a good book in a hammock or to play board games with your travel companions.

There are only two other hotels we have profiled in the Lake Titicaca region of Peru: the lovely Titilaka on it’s own little spot outside of Puno, and the Libertador Lago Titicaca closer to the city. While both will be fine if you’re just passing through, Isla Suasi will really make you feel like you’re on the lake instead of next to it if you have some time to stay put for a while.

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