Le Blanc Los Cabos Spa Resort Baja Sur

Luxury resorts are sprouting up like desert mushrooms along the Los Cabos tourist corridor between the two cities. Many are offshoots of U.S. or Spanish chains, but there are plenty of Mexican ones in the mix as well, including a Le Blanc Spa Resort. Joining the Le Blanc Cancun one we’ve been covering since our launch, this adults-only all-inclusive resort follows the same playbook of indulgence and stylish spaces with a great pool complex by the beach.

The pool complex is a real gem here, with the beachfront infinity pool looking out at the waves in front and the coastline on both sides. There’s a swim-up bar her and in another pool further back, plus a couple big hot tubs and waiters bringing towels and drinks. Take a tour with us and check out the facilities and a typical room, set up like a junior suite.

The owner Palace Resorts has had more than a decade to figure out what’s important to wealthy travelers who like to stay at all-inclusive resorts and has applied the lessons to this new Le Blanc in Los Cabos. It doesn’t take more than a meal or two to realize this is not the kind of place where you’re going to see mediocre buffet food every meal. All but one of the restaurants are a la carte and they would rate highly on their own as independent outlets downtown. I was especially impressed with the beautifully decorated Lebanese restaurant, where I got some of the best Middle Eastern food I’ve had outside the Middle East. The seafood restaurant right on the water is the kind of place couples dream about when they think about a romantic getaway and the cocktail lounges open at night are worth getting dressed up for.

Le Blanc Spa Resort in Los Cabos Mexico, reviewed by Luxury Latin AmericaThere’s nothing stingy about the all-inclusive plan here. You’ll be greeted with a bottle of sparkling wine, beers in the fridge, and full liquor bottles with dispensers in a cabinet above the bar. A plate of decadent desserts will arrive and more will come at turndown. If you wanted you could just hole up in your suite if it’s your honeymoon since complimentary room service runs 24 hours.

You wouldn’t want to do that though, despite the great view from most rooms, because the grounds are so attractive. Even though this is a new build, the developers sprung for mature palm trees and the lounge chairs are good for lounging all day. Naturally you can order a drink or call someone over for food from anywhere in the pool complex and there are some beach chairs on the sand as well.

The only things not included are excursions and spa treatments, though if you book direct with the resort, you might get a big credit for both so you can explore and then get pampered. The spa here is a thing of wonder, with a long menu of treatments, hydrotherapy options, and spots for hitting your body with heat, ice, or steam.

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