Walk out to this beach from your Huatulco luxury home in Mexico

We try to cover the whole gamut of luxury travel experiences in Latin America, which includes real estate. This time we’ve got a rundown on Huatulco, oceanfront in Oaxaca State.

See, for more than a few upscale travelers with the means to invest, there’s always a voice inside their head going, “Hmmm, I wonder what it would be like to live here or have a vacation home here?” Often that’s as far as it goes, but sometimes we love a place enough that we end up buying a house, a condo, or some land to build on.

luxury home for sale in Huatulco Mexico

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This month we travel down to Huatulco, which seems to be better-known with Mexicans and Canadians than it is with Americans. Part of this is due to flight connections: there are a lot from within Mexico and a couple dozen a week from different cities in Canada. This is a grand plan project area that the Mexican government put a lot of time and effort into over the decades, in the same manner they did with huge success stories like Cancun and less successful ones like Ixtapa.

Huatulco remains a sleepier place to invest than some of the better-known resort areas, and that’s how most of the buyers want it. There are no wall-to-wall high-rises along the beachfront here and this is a much more responsibly developed, eco-friendly beach area than the usual Mexican model. The region even relies on solar and wind power for its electricity instead of burning fossil fuels to light the hotels and homes. A nearby naval base means this stretch of Oaxaca coast has escaped the fate of more dangerous port areas like Acapulco.

If you’re looking for luxury living for a good price, you can also find more for your money here than in spots like Los Cabos or the Riviera Maya–often with more dramatic scenery.

So what can you expect to pay for luxury real estate when moving to Huatulco? For half a million you can get a 2-bedroom, 2 bath, ocean-view condo with all the fixings, usually with beach access and a few extra amenities like parking and a swimming pool on site somewhere. For a million you can expect a beachfront 3- or 4-bedroom property with killer views, beach access, a private swimming pool, parking, and even furniture if you want. If buying a piece of land and building is you dream, there are still beachfront lots available for about $350-375,000 for about 800 square meters.

If your needs are more modest, there are plenty of condos with a great view for under half a million dollars. If being in a walkable town is more important than seeing the ocean from your bedroom, you can find even better deals for your investment in Huatulco. In that case, this might not be one of the cheapest places to live in the world, but you’ll get a terrific value compared to being near the beach in the USA or Canada. For now, there’s still a good bit of inventory and ample lots waiting for development.

This city may not be on the radar for a lot of buyers looking to invest in real estate in Mexico, but it’s no secret with wealthy Mexican families who have been coming here on vacation for decades. Join them now, while most other North Americans would have trouble even finding this region on a map. There’s plenty to do in the region and eventually the faster road to Oaxaca City will be completed too, which should make property values here go up.

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