top Cabo beach resorts

Here at Luxury Latin America, we’ve been covering the best of the best hotels and resorts in Cabo since our inception in 2007. Back when we started it wasn’t hard to keep track of the top Los Cabos luxury hotels because there weren’t all that many of them. The Los Cabos Tourism Board, until very recently, made their luxury advertising decisions based on how the general managers at just four resorts decided how to distribute funds.

Cabo is a different place now, and it’s going to continue evolving in the coming couple years as we see the debut of a Ritz-Carlton Reserve, a Four Seasons, and a Nobu challenging the already crowded field of upscale destination resorts. In the past year we’ve added reviews of Viceroy, Montage, Solaz, Chileno Bay, and Le Blanc, plus we’ve got a JW Marriott review from the Puerto Los Cabos area posted now after visiting recently.

There doesn’t seem to be any sign of this action slowing down. Hotel consulting companies are telling owners there’s still enough demand to justify more high-end resorts, even with rates topping $1,000 per night.

Since the resort scene in Los Cabos is such a moving target, with the cement trucks and 100-person construction crews working non-stop it seems, consider this video below a snapshot in time in 2019. It’s a video tour taste of 7 top properties that we were able to physically record while visiting or staying there. It’s not a comprehensive list for this reason. (We haven’t been able to get into the Resort at Pedregal during any of our four visits, for instance, because they  haven’t caught onto this newfangled internet thingy yet.)

This video was compiled from our footage by a company called InVideo and we hope you like it!

We currently have 16 Los Cabos hotels in our listings, 14 of them beachfront. Watch for a new review in the coming month, plus we’ll probably remove one that has been unresponsive and seems to have drifted more into timeshare territory since we first checked it out. Many more are on the way or in soft opening mode though, including the three international chain ones we mentioned before plus homegrown Garza Blanca and Solmar Rancho San Lucas (which we mentioned in this Cabo luxury real estate article).

So it’s hard for anyone to really say which are the best luxury resorts in Cabo and if they do, the list will be out of date in a few months. Soon we’ll be pushing 20 true luxury resorts in a single beach destination.

Le Blanc, one of the top Los Cabos resorts and adult all-inclusive

We can’t think of any vacation location in the world that has this many world-class, true 5-star luxury hotels in one area. Sure, cities like New York and London do, but they’re serving business travelers. Is there any beach resort area with 20 competing 5-star properties that can charge $400+ per night…and get it? At many of these resorts in Los Cabos, that won’t even get you in the door with a standard room. Despite all the heavy competition, the architects and investors keep on coming because…so do the visitors looking for a great vacation experience.