estancia dining room in Argentina

We’ve just posted a new hotel review in Argentina and updated one of our previous ones, but neither is a typical hotel. There are lots of unusual lodging choices in this part of South America. These two are of a ranch and a converted mansion.

Estancia La Bandada

Argentina is the land of the gauchos, the cowboys of South America. If you want to experience their life for a while, you would typically rent a room in an estancia (ranch) and do some horseback riding, maybe join them in some of the chores and pass around the mate.

Today’s estancias in Argentina are often not humble affairs, however. The best ones have all the touches of a luxury hotel and are frequented by polo playing enthusiasts as much as rancher wannabes. This is the case with our latest addition: Estancia La Banada, less than two hours from Buenos Aires.

This ranch is also unusual in that it gladly welcomes children, offering plenty of things for them to do. There’s a swimming pool on site too for all ages to enjoy. The ownership changed in 2018 (as well as the name) and the new team has injected money and attention into providing a superlative experience.

The five suites are each named after a type of bird that frequents the area and with 200 acres of land here, you’ll probably spot quite a few birds. Expect very comfortable suites and personal service.

Of course there’s farm-fresh food in the dining room, musicians entertain guests during a big outdoor barbecue, and the cozy lounge area has a library of books to relax with as you sip your Malbec.

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Estancia La Bandada Suite

Algodon Mansion

We reviewed Algodon Mansion in Buenos Aires after it opened, back when the city was not yet filled with hip boutique hotels capitalizing on a steadily rising number of visitors.

This property has the same owners as when it opened—the family that owns the Algodon Winery of Argentina—but there are new managers in place. It’s safe to say there are still some kinks they are in the process of working out after nine years of operation, with some sprucing up and redesign of some public areas planned.

Suite at Algodon Mansion in Buenos Aires

The main reason to stay here is the prime Recoleta location and the size of the plush guest rooms. This converted mansion’s rooms start at 600 square feet and go up from there. The largest suite, pictured above, is 1,400 square feet. You can feel like an old-money porteƱo in this place, but without the lurching from crisis to crisis the actual moneyed residents have gone through over the past half a century.

This is a good choice for wine lovers, with some of the winery’s best work available for tasting here. Plus the choice of spirits in the bar shows a good sense of taste throughout.

There’s a pool and sun deck on the roof, plus with just nine rooms, you can be sure the staffers are going to look after your needs.

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