Latin America most popular luxury tour stories

Every once in a while we like to dive into our visitor reports and see what you all are reading from our online luxury travel magazine. The portal pages get the most views of course, like luxury hotels in Costa Rica or luxury travel in Mexico. And individual hotel reviews tend to do better than tour stories over time, just because more people are searching for info on those.

We take a good number of organized travel tours each year though, scoping out the best adventures and the best operators for your epic vacation in Latin America. We run detailed articles on the experience so you’ll know what to expect and try to provide a story that goes beyond the typical tour brochure text you see on most company websites.

Here’s what our readers have been checking out the most so far this year in terms of our luxury tour reviews and feature stories.

South America Luxury Tour Stories:

Exploring the Coffee Triangle of Colombia

Magical Cartagena and the Rosaria Islands of Colombia

Touring Chile’s Wine Districts Near Santiago

A Chilean Wine Country Tour with Upscape

Trekking Lodge to Lodge to Machu Picchu in Peru

lodge to lodge trek to Machu Picchu

Adventures Along the Lares Trek Route of Peru

Southern Hemisphere Skiing: Argentina and Chile

Luxury Yacht Adventures in Patagonia With Nomads of the Seas


Mexico and Central America Travel Tours

Secret Beaches of Panama and Costa Rica on an Uncruise Adventure

A Train Ride to Adventures in the Copper Canyons of Mexico

Uncruise secret beaches Panama

A Wealth of Wildlife in the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica

Golf in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit

The Yucatan in Style with Catherwood Travels of Mexico

Mayan ruins in Mexico

Wild Adventures and Sea Creatures in Baja Sur

Costa Rica Golf Amid Nature’s Splendor

My, you all have wide-ranging tastes! Hope your travels this year and next bring you a wealth of sites and experiences.

Where are you headed? What kinds of experiences are you looking for? Leave a comment for what you’re planning and it might line up with some travel itinerary or adventure tour we plan on covering soon. We have multiple writers living in, and traveling through, all parts of Latin America, so we try to stay on top of what’s happening with travel trends and great experiences.

And if you need a good excuse to really take some quality time off work, remember, travel keeps your brain in shape.