hiking near Todos Santos in Baja

Todos Santos gets a teeny tiny fraction of the visitors of Cabo San Lucas, plus many of the people who do visit are just there on a day trip. This is one of the most interesting destinations in Baja, however, and definitely a place worth spending two or three nights in. There’s plenty to do in this area, especially if you connect with Todos Santos Eco Adventures.

We have mentioned this company a couple times before. I first did some mountain bike riding as part of this Baja adventure tour years ago, then one of our contributors went on their memorable Isla Espiritu Santos kayaking and glamping adventure. They have one of the best reputations of any tour operator in the Baja Peninsula and they offer all kinds of multi-day trips from their home base, across the mountains, and around La Paz.

I stayed put when I went to visit them on their home turf, however, wanting to really get a feel for the Todos Santos area. My wife was with me on this trip and we shared a lovely room at Los Colibris Casitas, the guesthouse they own. Here was the view from our terrace:

View from Los Colibris in Todos Santos

We went on two great adventures while we were there, both of them starting just a few minutes’ drive away from Los Colibris.

Baja horseback riding with Todos Santos Eco Adventures: marshy lagoon, beach, and desertFirst we went on a horseback riding adventure that started near the oasis area of Todos Santos. It went through an impressive array of microclimates as we rode along, from mossy trees and marshes to forest to beach to cacti-studded mountains. The horses were docile and patient with us as we rode along the lagoon and the Pacific Ocean and then climbed up over rocky paths into the hills and back down.

What was even more surprising was what we saw on our hiking trip the next day. We set off in a van to the starting point, which was just down the hill and to the end of a long beach. We climbed up from there and got a terrific view of the beach, then walked along some dramatic cliffs that wouldn’t be out of place in northern California or even Scotland. If it had been earlier in the year we might have seen lots of whales offshore, but most of them had already headed north at this point in late April, so we just saw one water spout in the distance.

While this is a rather sleepy area now apart from a few residents, expats, and some tourists, it played a key role in history for a while. Back in the mid-1800s, ships heading to or from California for the gold rush would sail into the little bay near Todos Santos at the top of this post to pick up supplies from the oasis. This was one of the few spots along the coast with fresh water, fruit, and vegetables. Mules would make the trek over the hills like we did on foot.

After passing several small bays and inlets, we rounded a corner and found San Pedro beach stretched out before us. Since you can only get there on foot, it was almost empty. After splashing in the surf a bit, we walked to the other end of the beach where a picnic lunch was waiting for us, supplied by Todos Santos Eco Adventures. After we had our fill, we walked out past a marsh to a waiting van and came back to Los Colibris for an afternoon of lazing by the pool. Take a video tour to get a taste of both days:

If you’re headed to Los Cabos at some point and looking for an adventurous getaway, rent a car and drive the main road north to Todos Santos. It’s a whole different look and experience, especially if you go exploring by hiking or on horseback.

Video from YouTube produced by Invideo from footage shot by Luxury Latin America.