Puro Vik wine resort Chile

People in glass houses should…drink a glass of wine?

After experiencing great success with their winery and the Vina Vik Hotel, the founding family has opened another property nearby on the vast expanse of land they own in and above the Millahue Valley. But while that   hotel is an imposing curvy structure on top of a mountain, the newer Puro Vik is a series of glass bungalows nestled in the trees.

We’ve got a full review of Puro Vik posted now and here’s how our correspondent who stayed there described it:

What each bungalow shares in common is the experience of living in tune with nature. Transparency, flow, and open space are key to the design concept. Exterior walls act as mirrors, refracting the mountainscape and forcing guests to look at the surroundings from a new perspective. When the sun goes down, few things could be more fantastically hedonistic than stargazing from the private outdoor tub as wind whistles through the trees.

Right now there are seven of these glass cabins, out of plans for an eventual 19. All of them are decorated individually though, with wildly different themes for the decor. Each has a different set of museum quality artwork and interesting furniture items that definitely didn’t come out of a hotel supply catalog.

What they have in common is a sense of being in the surroundings, with trees or a view outside the wall of glass. You can step out side and get even closer to nature though, while soaking in an outdoor bathtub with a view.

Glass cabins at Puro Vik Wine Hotel in Chile, sharing some facilities with Vina VikThe property shares some facilities with its older sibling, including a large swimming pool with panoramic valley views, a gym, and a fine restaurant featuring vegetables grown on site, headed up by a well-known Chilean chef. You’ll definitely want to experience the multi-course meals with wine tastings to match the highly acclaimed Vik wines with inventive seasonal menu offerings.

You’ve got 11,000 acres of land to explore on this estate, so it’s definitely worth going hiking or horseback riding. The hiking trails can be rugged and challenging as much of the wooded area has been left wild. There are also yoga classes and excursions available.

No visit to Puro Vik would be complete without experiencing the Vik Winery, as impressive from a visual and architectural standpoint as it is for what’s in the bottles. The wine in those bottles has won plenty of awards, however, so block out some time for a formal tasting and then top it off with a three-course lunch here as well.

This property is less than two hours from Santiago, but it’s not in a location where there’s a lot going on. Therefore most guests book an all-inclusive package with meals and wine tastings included.

There are more Chile luxury hotels each year that are worth talking about, but the unique design of this wine resort is sure to become a destination in itself. See more photos and our detailed review of Puro Vik here.