Live Aqua Cancun all-inclusive in Luxury Latin America

There are plenty of Cancun all-inclusive resorts to pick from if you go pull up one of the usual booking sites, but only a few of those resorts stand out from the pack and deliver a luxury experience. Several of the top Cancun hotels we’ve reviewed are a la carte, but if you want to pay one bill and be done, without sacrificing quality, check out our revamped review of Live Aqua Cancun Beach Resort.

This is an adults-only all-inclusive resort, first of all, so no screaming kids at the pool and no arguments about putting away the iPad during meal times at the restaurants. The restaurants are sophisticated and there are plenty of bars, with no kids club in sight.

If you like video more than reading, go here and check out our video tour of the resort:

We did a tour the last time we visited there many years ago, but things have changed. There are updates to a lot of public areas, upgrades to the rooms, and some new restaurants. Plus last time we were there was during autumn, which is a pretty crappy time to be anywhere in the Caribbean. We had a lot more sun this time around.

Some of the room upgrades seem kind of minor unless you’re the person doing the construction, such as lots more outlets where you can plug in your gadgets. Others are more about amenities, such as the cool gray terrycloth hoodie bathrobes. Live Aqua Cancun throws in a beach bag and some flip flops too, so you can really pack light.

Most of the rooms have furnished balconies and are full of amenities, including a fridge stocked with beer and soda, an espresso coffee machine, and nice upscale toiletries in the bathroom.

Sea Corner Cancun at Live Aqua

I was impressed with all of the restaurants here, especially the Azul waterfront restaurant that’s rather fancy and the beachfront Sea Corner that’s not. I live in Mexico and can quickly tell the touristy bland versions from the more authentic flavorful ones. At Sea Corner you’ll think you’re at a beachfront shack in old Mexico the way it used to be, before every beach got crammed with high-rise resorts.

In Laa' Kech restaurant CancunAt the high end, there’s MB that’s part of the all-inclusive plan, a high-end place that feels like an upscale city restaurant. The one signature restaurant that requires a fee is worth it for the experience: In Laa’ Kech in its own dedicated building in the gardens.

My photos from there aren’t great because it’s intentionally dimly lit and the Yucatecan food naturally comes in lots of earth tone shades. Here’s a shot of the cocktail we all made though. It’s a great multi-course experience for couples and small groups where you’ll actually learn something about the local culture.

There’s enough to keep you occupied for a week at Live Aqua Cancun and I met quite a few couples here that were staying that long. Some were here on their second or third visit and some of the staffers knew them by name. The service is uniformly good here and I was impressed with the quality of the food, even at the buffet restaurant. You don’t have to take a step down here just because it’s an all-inclusive resort.

This all-inclusive is adults-only though, which means the giant swimming pool complex doesn’t have to be shared with any rowdy kids going, “Mom, watch this!” every five minutes. You can order a drink over and over while lounging in the sun or you can head over to the party pool with a swim-up bar.

Then when the sun goes down, the party moves indoors to spaces like this:

Cancun adult all-inclusive hotel bar

See our updated full review of Live Aqua Beach Resort Cancun where you can indulge all you want and not worry about the bill—unless you start renting a cabana every day that is.