Looking for a hardshell rolling suitcase that looks stylish but will hold up for years? I’m loving this Bric’s Bellagio luggage that’s been with me for a few hotel check-ins lately.

Bric's Bellagio luggage review - spinner suitcase

This rolling Bric’s Bellagio suitcase is a four-wheel spinner, gliding smoothly along carpet and hard floors with its Italian workmanship and Japanese wheels. It has a lot of distinctive touches that set it apart from the pack.

Bric’s Bellagio Spinner Features

First of all, the vegetable-dyed leather accents on the Bellagio are distinctive. The bag signals loud and clear that this is a luxury suitcase, not some mass-market cheapie that will lose a wheel on its third trip out of the house. The rugged polycarbonate shell is common among these spinners, but everything fits together just right with this one and the details are thought out. The leather on the corners should protect them from dings and scratches in transit.

I especially like the zipper set-up. It’s water-repellent, first of all, so it won’t leak if you get caught in the rain for a few minutes. The solid-feeling zipper heads lock into place where there’s a 3-digit combination TSA-friendly lock you can set, so they’re never dangling in transit. They also have loops on the end where you can put through your own TSA padlock for added protection if you’d like.

The retractable handle has worked flawlessly during my trips, comfortable in the hand and easily clicking back into place. There’s also a leather strap handle on the top in case you need to pick the bag up to climb a few stairs. The quality ball bearing wheels are practically silent and very smooth.

Inside, this suitcase improved on the typical clamshell design with two different flaps for keeping your belongings in place. On one side there’s a flap that attaches with two clips and has its own pocket for flat shirts or blouses. On the other side the flap zips completely closed, then also has a pocket for separating whatever you need to keep separate.

The fabrics and colors are all coordinated with the exterior design and the interior zipper is also good quality. Despite the higher level of materials and the leather trip, this Bellagio carry-on suitcase weighs in at seven pounds, so you can pick it up with one finger when it’s not packed.

The only thing I found a bit odd was the luggage tag, which a nice leather one, but in an odd size. There’s no specially sized card to fill out, but it’s not large enough for a business card, so I folded mine in half and stuck it inside.

Bric's Bellagio luggage suitcasesThe Bric’s Bellagio spinner comes in three sizes. I’ve been rolling through lobbies with a carry-on 21-inch size, which holds enough for two or three nights. For longer trips where you’re going to be checking a bag, they make options from 27 inches high to 32 inches, all with similar functionality, layout, and features.

List prices range from $595 to $725, but if you buy direct from the company, you’ll often find some sizes on sale. As I write this, the Bric’s carry-on I’ve been using is available for under $500. See the rest of their lines here.

Other Bric’s Luggage Options

You can browse the official website and check out other options that may resonate more or be more in line with your budget. If the Bellagio suitcase price is a bit out or reach, check out the similar Amalfi line, which comes in significantly lower when sales are going on.

If you want a different image for your luggage, maybe something less classic, more cutting-edge looking, then check out the Bric’s adf collection or the Porche Design one. The most contemporary of all is at the lowest price point, the Ulisse B/Y Collection, which comes in six colors and looks like this:

Brics luggage Ulisse spinner suitcase

Bric’s also produces some options that are not hard clamshell designs if you like one large compartment, two wheels instead of four, or even no wheels at all for your overnight bag. There are softshell choices that can be stuffed and stacked more, with a traditional top layer zip-up instead of in the middle of the suitcase. The Firenze, for examples, comes in both two-wheel and four-wheel versions but with lots of leather accents.

No matter which Bric’s suitcase or collection you choose though, you get a limited 5-year warranty on wheeled luggage (a 2-year one for other bags) and good Italian design. While it’s not the “no matter what” kind of warranty you get from the likes of Eagle Creek and Osprey, you’ll look a lot more fashionable in the airport than with those and you’ll feel like a VIP in the airport.

See all the options and get free shipping in the USA at the official website. Or if you’re in the right city, browse in person at one of their stores. They’re in many Italian cities, but locations include Paris, Athens, Dubai, New York, Los Angeles, and Shanghai.