What’s it like to stay in a luxury villa in the exclusive Punta Mita development north of Puerto Vallarta? Come with us on a video tour of Casa Fortuna and see.

Casa Fortuna villa Punta Mita pool area

It’s a difficult job to sum up a luxury rental villa in a few paragraphs, like I tried to do when covering three of them in our feature story on Mexico villa vacations recently. It’s easy to talk about the stats, like the six bedrooms, seven baths, swimming pool, hot tub, media room, and fire pit at Casa Fortuna. That’s only part of the story though. The reasons one of these places can lead to such a great vacation experience are varied and extensive and most of them revolve around the actual experience, how the place makes you feel.

The Casa Fortuna villa made me smile a lot, that’s for sure. It’s hard not to be happy when you’re lounging by the pool, having a drink at the bar, or kicking back in the living room and looking out at the ocean. Especially at sunset when the sky lights up and puts on a show. Three of the bedrooms face this way as well, including the master bedroom suite with its own office, bar, sunken living room area leading to the pool, and outdoor patio with a view.

Come check it out on our video tour:

Once you get beyond the physical structure and design, however, it’s the personal service that elevates a Mexican villa rental experience to a level where you’re getting more attention than you would at a top hotel. You’ve got your own waiter, maintenance and security person, private chef, and housekeeper here, all making sure everything goes well and you don’t go hungry or thirsty. That’s just the manifestation of the set-up job from your concierge, however, who sets up the meals, grocery shopping, and the ingredients for your favorite drinks ahead of time.

If you want to play golf, take an excursion to nearby islands, or take a day trip to Puerto Vallarta proper, the concierge can make all the arrangements. Then once you’re on site, you can use the provided golf cart to visit one of the Punta Mita beach clubs, play some tennis, or hit the gym. You have access to all the facilities the full-service homeowners have.

We were impressed with all the thoughtful touches when we stayed, from the sound system that plays what you want from your own phone to the gas fire pit that someone lights up at just the right time. If ever we started to think, “What would be really nice right now is…,” someone would ask, “Is there something I can get for you?”

Casa Fortuna living room

Casa Fortuna Villa in Punta Mita is a great size for a group of friends traveling together or a large family. Even with two people in every bedroom, there will be lounge chairs for everyone by the pool and several terraced areas facing the sea. Everyone can fit into the living room and most can fit into the media room at one time to watch a movie together. Or someone who wants some solitude can grab a book off the shelf and find their own spot away from the crowd.

See more about this experience in our article on luxury villas in Puerto Vallarta and Punta Mita, then get more details and reserve your week at Casa Fortuna at the Agave Villas site. They’ll get you started on finding the perfect place for your group size and budget if this particular one is not it.