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Central American Beers and the Craft Brewery Scene

Like everywhere else around the globe, the number of Central American craft beers is on the rise. This part of the world might surprise you with its small yet growing selection of craft breweries and brewers with a real passion for their work. While they are nowhere near places like Mexico or Argentina in quantity, [&hellip

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The Best Mexico City Breweries and Brewpubs

Mexico City is becoming quite the mecca for excellent locally made craft beer. With new brewpubs and breweries popping up every year, some of the capital city brewpubs have definitely done the heavy lifting and been around the block, while many are just starting out on their beer journey. Here is a list of Mexico [&hellip

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The Best Wines of Mexico Are From Baja California, Coahuila, and Queretaro

After years of striving to bring great Mexican wine to a broader international audience, Mexican wineries are finally getting the recognition they deserve. In 2021 alone, the wines of Mexico have been sweeping through competitions and stacking up medals in the highest-level categories. Wine-making has a lengthy and passionate history in Mexico—from the father of [&hellip

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The Best Spa Resorts in Mexico

Once again this year, Conde Nast Traveler had their readers poll results on top spa hotels and resorts around the world. South America was missing in action completely and only two Mexican resorts were included in the list! There are so many 5-diamond Mexico resorts with sprawling spas, it seems incredible that only two have [&hellip

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The Best Oaxaca Luxury Hotels

Oaxaca City is fast becoming one of the most popular destinations in Mexico for visitors from all over the world. The exquisite regional food, folklore, and artisanal crafts that have always existed here now sit alongside luxury lodging, cutting-edge restaurants, and a mezcal explosion — Mexico’s iconic spirit is now being “discovered” by alcohol connoisseurs [&hellip

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Where Can You Drink Good South American Beer?

South America has long been famous for its wine and spirits—think pisco or cachaca—and not particularly for its craft beer. Most South American brewers would agree that they are at least a generation behind places like the United States or Europe in craft beer production and demand, but in the last decade or so this [&hellip

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