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Is Travel Insurance Required Where You’re Headed?

“Passport please. Return ticket please. Vaccine certificate please. Health questionnaire please. Travel insurance card please. Thanks and enjoy your flight.” Wait, what? All that and proof of travel insurance too? In the good ole days before a worldwide health crisis came along, for many countries you could just grab your passport and go. The list [&hellip

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South America has 5 of the Top-10 Wineries in the World

You might expect South America to make a decent showing among the best wineries in the world. Would you expect them to blow away France, Italy and California though to claim five of the top ten spots, including #1? That’s what happened last week in the annual World’s Best Vineyards Awards. See the full list [&hellip

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Where Can You Drink Good South American Beer?

South America has long been famous for its wine and spirits—think pisco or cachaca—and not particularly for its craft beer. Most South American brewers would agree that they are at least a generation behind places like the United States or Europe in craft beer production and demand, but in the last decade or so this [&hellip

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The Best Restaurants in Latin America and Top Cities for Food

Where are the best restaurants in Latin America? It’s a moving target each year, but the top cities for dining are mostly clustered in a few foodie hotspots in Mexico and South America. Every year, an academy of food experts chooses the top 50 restaurants in Latin America. There’s a chairperson from one of four [&hellip

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The Best Spa Hotels in Latin America

When people think of spa hotels or resorts, Latin America may not be at the top of their list. There’s a much longer history on other continents. So many of the prize winners in the most recent World Spa Awards announcements were from elsewhere. They broke down the best spa hotels in Latin America too [&hellip

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Two Updates From Torres del Paine: Explora and Singular

While it’s the off-season in Patagonia as I write this and you can’t hop on a plane and fly to Chile, we’ve been updating some of our older reviews from the region to assist you with your travel planning for the future. When we can move around again but are looking for wide-open spaces, it’ll [&hellip

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