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Two of the Best Queretaro Hotels for Luxury Travelers

The city of Queretaro, the capital of the state of the same name, is on the list of Mexico’s 10 largest cities. It’s an industrial powerhouse with a relatively wealthy population and even has an airline based in the city. If you are a luxury traveler headed there for leisure, however, you will find that [&hellip

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South America has 5 of the Top-10 Wineries in the World

You might expect South America to make a decent showing among the best wineries in the world. Would you expect them to blow away France, Italy and California though to claim five of the top ten spots, including #1? That’s what happened last week in the annual World’s Best Vineyards Awards. See the full list [&hellip

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Their List, Our Reviews: Top Hotels in Mexico

Which Mexican luxury hotels have been called out this year by the readers of the USA’s two most popular travel magazines? Well, there are a few surprises, but overall there are a lot of great properties on both the Conde Nast Traveler poll and the Travel + Leisure rundown that came out recently. We tend [&hellip

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Where Can You Drink Good South American Beer?

South America has long been famous for its wine and spirits—think pisco or cachaca—and not particularly for its craft beer. Most South American brewers would agree that they are at least a generation behind places like the United States or Europe in craft beer production and demand, but in the last decade or so this [&hellip

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The 3 Best Polanco Hotels in Mexico City

The Polanco neighborhood of Mexico City is one of the richest in the whole country. Some companies have their headquarters nearby and it’s home to many of the top restaurants in Mexico. You can shop at the Louis Vuitton store or buy some diamond jewelry before you hit the exclusive lounges for a drink. There [&hellip

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Where to Stay in Merida for Luxury Travelers

Merida is the capital of Yucatan state in Mexico, an inland historic city that’s a great base for exploring. You can get to Izamal and Uxmal from here, explore cenotes and haciendas, and enjoy the historic center-with a church that dates back to the 16th century. Where to stay in Merida depends on your tastes [&hellip

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