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Is Travel Insurance Required Where You’re Headed?

“Passport please. Return ticket please. Vaccine certificate please. Health questionnaire please. Travel insurance card please. Thanks and enjoy your flight.” Wait, what? All that and proof of travel insurance too? In the good ole days before a worldwide health crisis came along, for many countries you could just grab your passport and go. The list [&hellip

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How About a Private Yacht Charter for Your Next Vacation?

Imagine living the life of the rich and famous on a luxury yacht, island-hopping and exploring the coast of a beautiful country, with experiences you don’t have to share with anyone outside your private group. This may be more within your grasp than you think. You don’t have to invest a huge amount of your [&hellip

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South America has 5 of the Top-10 Wineries in the World

You might expect South America to make a decent showing among the best wineries in the world. Would you expect them to blow away France, Italy and California though to claim five of the top ten spots, including #1? That’s what happened last week in the annual World’s Best Vineyards Awards. See the full list [&hellip

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The Best Oaxaca Luxury Hotels

Oaxaca City is fast becoming one of the most popular destinations in Mexico for visitors from all over the world. The exquisite regional food, folklore, and artisanal crafts that have always existed here now sit alongside luxury lodging, cutting-edge restaurants, and a mezcal explosion — Mexico’s iconic spirit is now being “discovered” by alcohol connoisseurs [&hellip

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The Best Mineral de Pozos Hotels in Guanajuato State

Mineral de Pozos is one of the original “Magic Towns” of Mexico, one really deserving the title. The historic center has had a few booms and busts over the centuries and it is surrounded by abandoned mining communities that are now ghost towns. Some of the ruins in Central Mexico date back to the late [&hellip

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Their List, Our Reviews: Top Hotels in Mexico

Which Mexican luxury hotels have been called out this year by the readers of the USA’s two most popular travel magazines? Well, there are a few surprises, but overall there are a lot of great properties on both the Conde Nast Traveler poll and the Travel + Leisure rundown that came out recently. We tend [&hellip

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