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Bahia Vik Completes the Artistic Resort Trio in Uruguay

Quick – which upscale hotel brand has the most properties in Uruguay? Surprisingly, it’s one that only has four properties overall: Vik Hotels. Bahia Vik is the third one in a small country dominated by independent properties and one-off locations from the international chains. Like the other two from Norwegian–Uruguayan entrepreneur Alexander Vik, it is [&hellip

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A Four Seasons in an Unlikely Spot: Carmelo, Uruguay

  Editor’s note:Soon after we said this was an odd place for a Four Seasons, it suddenly wasn’t anymore. This is now the Carmelo Resort & Spa by Hyatt. Not much else has changed, though time will tell if the service level can keep up.  You usually find a Four Seasons hotel or resort in [&hellip

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Narbona: a Rustic, Intimate Wine Lodge in Uruguay

Yes, we’ve been featuring a lot of wine lodges lately. Can you tell this has become a big trend? Get ready for more new openings on the way, but sometimes we like to make sure a place is getting raves from picky travelers before we feature it. That’s the case with 5-room Narbona in Carmelo, [&hellip

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Sofitel Montevideo Carrasco: a Palace Comes Back to Life

A century ago, Hotel Carrasco was the elegant jewel of Uruguay, a palace in the sand close to the capital of Montevideo. After a long period when it sat abandoned, French Accor brand Sofitel bought it and restored it to glory. And then some. Now named the mouthful Sofitel Montevideo Casino Carrasco & Spa, this [&hellip

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What’s New In Latin American Travel – 2012/2013

Last week I attended a conference called TravelMart Latin America, which was held in the beautiful city of Cartagena, Colombia. This is an annual meet-up of travel suppliers, tour companies, airlines, hotel companies, and destination tourism offices. It’s most for the buying and selling of travel services, the making of business alliances, but I attended [&hellip

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Quiet Uruguay Steps Up on Sane Drug Policy Efforts

Although it hasn’t made them very popular with some neighbors, quiet and reasonable Uruguay has decided to get reasonable on policy as well: drug policy. They could become the first country in the Americas to distinguish between soft drugs and hard drugs, legalizing the one that’s less destructive than alcohol: marijuana. In late June Uruguay [&hellip

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