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The 5-Diamond Resorts of Mexico

The AAA 5-Diamond Awards are, in most respects, the most exclusive listings out there for North American hotels and resorts. There’s a thorough vetting and inspection process the properties go through and a long checklist of amenities that need to be in place to qualify. Unlike a membership organization like Leading Hotels of the World, [&hellip

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Spacious Suites at Grand Residences Riviera Cancun

It’s hard to stand out these days when you open a new luxury hotel in the Riviera Maya region of Mexico. There are already plenty to choose from that offer great facilities and pampering service by the Caribbean Sea. Grand Residences Riviera Cancun manages to be memorable, however, by offering some of the largest and [&hellip

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Troubles in Luxury Real Estate

If someone has to drop the asking price of their house from $85 million to $72 million, should we feel sorry for them? That’s what has happened to poor Mohamed Hadid, who is best known for building Ritz-Carlton hotels in the 1980s. If you’re in the market for a 48,000-square-foot mansion, here’s the listing. While [&hellip

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Yellowstone Club World Goes Bankrupt

A while back I pointed to a soap opera of a story on the Yellowstone Club World crack-up. The high-living husband was splitting from his high-living wife and it was throwing a wrench into the finances. Apparently that was just the start of the troubles. Now that they’ve run headlong into a credit crunch, Yellowstone [&hellip

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Latin America Travel News

We’ve been posting a lot of new hotel reviews lately so I’ve been highlighting those, but time to catch up on some notable travel-related news from Latin America. It looks like the Yellowstone Club World ownership club is crashing down and splitting up. We’re not sure yet what’s happening to the Tamarindo resort we’ve reviewed [&hellip

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The Perils of Half-Assed Ownership

“Fractional vacation home” companies bristle at the word “timeshare” since it has connotations of tawdry developments and fast-talking sharks trying to bamboozle you into something you don’t really want. But at the risk of alienating future advertisers, the luxury version of this game is not any more secure when it comes to the financials. The [&hellip

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